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The booming health food and sport supplement market is a multi-billion dollar industry that produces and sells all manner of lotions, pills and potions to the fitness and health enthusiast whether they be runner, weightlifter, swimmer or just someone looking for a quick ‘health boost’.


This industry is largely based on misinformation, pseudoscience, distracting celebrity endorsements and the selling of cheap by-products at an extremely inflated price that often don’t provide any quantifiable or measurable health benefits.


I hold a first class degree in Biomedical Science, a distinction honours in Integrative Biology and am currently undertaking a PhD in Neuroscience focusing on the control of appetite, nutrient partitioning and the patho-physiology of obesity.


I aim to combine my knowledge of science (and disdain for pseudoscience) with my love of fitness to achieve a number of goals…


  • To DEBUNK supplements, ‘wonder foods’ and general pseudoscientific products with beneficial health claims but with no empirical evidence or legitimate trials to support them: Check out the Debunking The Pseudoscience section


  • To highlight and PROMOTE supplements that have personally worked for me and/or have strong support in the scientific literature: Check out the Science Guy Supplements section


  • To DISCUSS the scientific inaccuracy and potentially damaging influence of certain groups and ideas such as the anti-vaccination movement and homeopathic remedies: Check out the Bits ‘N’ Bobs and Science Communications sections


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4 thoughts on “Science Guy Supplements – Filtering out the pseudoscience

    1. Hi Jessie,

      Thanks for the support. This website is still in the early building stages but I’ll continue to post in-depth articles about a range of subjects from the best science-backed sport supplements to the massive hoax that is the multivitamin market.

      Best wishes,


  1. Im a man whos had no problems laying down serious mass, but when it comes to the shred i always have difficulty. Looking forward to having an actual scientist aid me in supplement choices. I’ve had enough of the bro-scientistsame online.

    1. Thanks for the interest Don.

      Keep posted for updates on supplements that might help you in the future as I put more content together.

      Happy lifting!


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