Top 5 Science Achievements of 2016

2016 was an odd one lets be honest. All sorts of crazy shenanigans occurred. Although some may view 2016 as one of the worst years on record, it was a great year for science! Lets take a look at some of the most exciting developments of 2016. Science is a […]

Communicating Science to the Public

The (wo)man in the white lab coat. A pop culture symbol. A mad scientist. Big Pharma. Curing disease. Animal testing. Ethics. Morality. Lots of things spring to mind when picturing a researcher at work in the laboratory. Some people understand that what we do pushes the limit of human understanding […]

A guide to whey protein: Do you need it?

Whey protein supplements are the most popular and most widely sold of all fitness products. Gym-bros (and other users) pounding down the protein shakes have helped grow the value of the whey protein industry to a whopping 7 billion pounds. This is projected to exceed 10 billion GBP by 2020. So […]

The truth about Fish Oil

Many cupboards across the country are home to a little tub of those squishy yellow fish oil pills. Over the last decade or so, fish oil capsules have become exceptionally popular and now take pride of place on any health supplement shop shelf. Eating fish is  generally considered healthy. Fish, […]

The Science of Creatine

  During my time in the gym I’ve overhead numerous talk of creatine being illegal, a steroid, a protein, an ab-specific weight loss aid (eh??)…The list is endless and almost everything I’ve overheard is incorrect. I thought it would be useful to provide a clear piece of information that tells […]