5 gym ‘facts’ debunked

The gym is full of shit science. Also known as bro-science. Also known as bullshit. As funny as it is to hear, it ultimately signals ignorance of basic biology and training which isn’t all that funny. These sort of ideas seem to stick around and really spread their way through […]

The Slap Therapy Tragedy

The ‘Slap Therapy’ Tragedy   I’ve decided to write a quick post regarding a couple of truly disturbing news stories I’ve read recently. . The topic? . Slapping people (including infants) to cure their diseases and illnesses… . These sort of stories are important because they highlight pretty much everything I […]

5 ‘superfood’ myths

While many foods may be packed with certain nutrients and molecules that play a role in health, the food industry and health nuts have taken a massive leap of logic and applied the term ‘super’ to foods which are actually fairly ordinary. The main message here: Some foods are better for you […]