5 ‘superfood’ myths

While many foods may be packed with certain nutrients and molecules that play a role in health, the food industry and health nuts have taken a massive leap of logic and applied the term ‘super’ to foods which are actually fairly ordinary. The main message here: Some foods are better for you […]

5 common food myths

Myths about common foods that we eat are all over the internet, fitness and health shops and of course the gym. Once these ideas and ‘facts’ take hold they are exceptionally hard to shift. . Here are the top 5 myths about  the foods we eat. . #1 : Eggs […]

The Multivitamin Hoax

I was flicking through good old Facebook, the book of face, the other day when I came across an advert for yet another multivitamin product under the name of VITL. Presumably a play on the word vital…as in, you vitally need this supplement to be healthy. Or do you? . […]

The truth about Fish Oil

Many cupboards across the country are home to a little tub of those squishy yellow fish oil pills. Over the last decade or so, fish oil capsules have become exceptionally popular and now take pride of place on any health supplement shop shelf. Eating fish is  generally considered healthy. Fish, […]