Naked Mole Rat: Freak of Nature

A frequent entry in ‘Top 10 Ugliest Animal’ lists, the naked mole rat truly is a sight to behold. A cross between, a mole and a rat, with a sprinkle of naked has produced a physical abomination. Despite its looks, the naked mole rat has remarkable physiology and is one […]

The Slap Therapy Tragedy

The ‘Slap Therapy’ Tragedy   I’ve decided to write a quick post regarding a couple of truly disturbing news stories I’ve read recently. . The topic? . Slapping people (including infants) to cure their diseases and illnesses… . These sort of stories are important because they highlight pretty much everything I […]

The truth about Fish Oil

Many cupboards across the country are home to a little tub of those squishy yellow fish oil pills. Over the last decade or so, fish oil capsules have become exceptionally popular and now take pride of place on any health supplement shop shelf. Eating fish is  generally considered healthy. Fish, […]