Naked Mole Rat: Freak of Nature

A frequent entry in ‘Top 10 Ugliest Animal’ lists, the naked mole rat truly is a sight to behold. A cross between, a mole and a rat, with a sprinkle of naked has produced a physical abomination. Despite its looks, the naked mole rat has remarkable physiology and is one […]

About Me

Greetings readers, I am Ed Jones AKA Science Guy and my goal is to inform the misinformed regarding common health and fitness supplements Where it all began… From a young age I have held a keen interest in science and this has only grown as time has progressed. I have studied at […]

Science Guy Supplements – Filtering out the pseudoscience

The booming health food and sport supplement market is a multi-billion dollar industry that produces and sells all manner of lotions, pills and potions to the fitness and health enthusiast whether they be runner, weightlifter, swimmer or just someone looking for a quick ‘health boost’. . This industry is largely based […]