Naked Mole Rat: Freak of Nature

A frequent entry in ‘Top 10 Ugliest Animal’ lists, the naked mole rat truly is a sight to behold. A cross between, a mole and a rat, with a sprinkle of naked has produced a physical abomination. Despite its looks, the naked mole rat has remarkable physiology and is one […]

Top 5 Science Achievements of 2016

2016 was an odd one lets be honest. All sorts of crazy shenanigans occurred. Although some may view 2016 as one of the worst years on record, it was a great year for science! Lets take a look at some of the most exciting developments of 2016. Science is a […]

The Slap Therapy Tragedy

The ‘Slap Therapy’ Tragedy   I’ve decided to write a quick post regarding a couple of truly disturbing news stories I’ve read recently. . The topic? . Slapping people (including infants) to cure their diseases and illnesses… . These sort of stories are important because they highlight pretty much everything I […]

5 Best mass-building exercises: A quick guide

Not all exercises were created equal. Compound exercises recruit the greatest amount of muscle fibre ultimately stimulating greater muscle growth when performed correctly. You will also be able to lift the most amount of weight compared to any other excercise hence why the bench press, squat and dead lift are […]

5 ‘superfood’ myths

While many foods may be packed with certain nutrients and molecules that play a role in health, the food industry and health nuts have taken a massive leap of logic and applied the term ‘super’ to foods which are actually fairly ordinary. The main message here: Some foods are better for you […]

4 common weight lifting mistakes

I spend a lot of the time in the gym and I see all sorts of crazy shenanigans. The same people making the same mistakes over and over again. I don’t claim to be The Mountain or Arnie but the basic tenants of weightlifting and building size hold true for […]

5 common food myths

Myths about common foods that we eat are all over the internet, fitness and health shops and of course the gym. Once these ideas and ‘facts’ take hold they are exceptionally hard to shift. . Here are the top 5 myths about  the foods we eat. . #1 : Eggs […]

Science Guy Supplements – Filtering out the pseudoscience

The booming health food and sport supplement market is a multi-billion dollar industry that produces and sells all manner of lotions, pills and potions to the fitness and health enthusiast whether they be runner, weightlifter, swimmer or just someone looking for a quick ‘health boost’. . This industry is largely based […]