Do diet pills actually work?

Diet pill concept: How lazy can we get? . The idea of losing weight fast is so appealing and generates the supplement industry countless millions of pounds every year. It plays so well into human nature. We are always looking for a quick fix. Why change my lifestyle when I […]

5 gym ‘facts’ debunked

The gym is full of shit science. Also known as bro-science. Also known as bullshit. As funny as it is to hear, it ultimately signals ignorance of basic biology and training which isn’t all that funny. These sort of ideas seem to stick around and really spread their way through […]

Homeopathy – The Placebo Effect

  I’ve wanted to write about homeopathy for a long time. As you have probably already guessed if you frequent this website, I am somewhat of a sceptic. Questioning the truth and validity of things is in my nature. My training as a neuroscientist has only increased my disdain for […]

Top 5 Body Weight Exercises

Improving your physique and strength isn’t all about smashing the heavy weights. It is a great idea to incorporate simple body weight exercises into your workout programme. These sort of exercises can help with explosive strength, core development as well as overall body development. The great thing about body weight […]